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Windows 10

As an IT Pro, how can you securely enable Windows 10 for businesses? Find out, in this practical and informative course that makes it easy to learn Windows 10. Windows offers management features that empower IT professionals to address the current shift toward a mobile workplace, a realization of heterogeneous ecosystems, bring your own device (BYOD) and choose your own device (CYOD) scenarios, and the cloud.

Walk through what's new in Windows 10 for IT pros, including information on deployment and management, with a team of experts. Look at runtime provisioning, mobile device management (MDM), secure authentication, and much more. Plus, find out what Windows as a Service means for you and your organization.

This program goes in depth into how to configure Windows devices. Students will learn about what's new in Windows 10 and how to deploy it, configuring device settings, connecting Windows 10 to networks, sharing data and printers, managing apps, securing Windows 10 devices, monitoring and maintaining Windows 10, managing users in the enterprise, managing desktops and applications in the enterprise, and managing devices in the enterprise. This certification validates a candidate’s fundamental knowledge and skills for building solid identities, protection of content (data loss protection), mobile device management policy, virtualization with Hyper-V, application management using the Company Portal and the Windows Store.


Topic Covered

  • What’s New in Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Deployment
  • Deploying Virtual Windows 10
  • Device Settings
  • Connecting Windows 10 to Networks
  • Sharing Data and Printers
  • Managing Apps
  • Securing Windows 10 Devices
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Windows 10
  • Managing Users in the Enterprise
  • Managing Desktops and Applications in the Enterprise
  • Managing Devices in the Enterprise


Getting certified on the Windows operating system can help you reach your goals. In today’s increasingly complex IT environment, a Windows certification helps prove to customers and employers that you have the technical skills necessary to do the job.


Program Components

  • Windows 10 Training Program
  • Complete courseware
  • Device of Your Choice



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